Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar and Roland GR 55 Guitar Synthesizer

Just bought a new Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar and Roland GR 55 guitar synthesizer.
I started playing guitar when I was twelve and stayed with it for 30 years.
At age 42 I decided I was never going to be good enough and I gave away my guitars and called it a day.
I've been thinking the last couple of years (I'm now 59) it would be kind of cool to buy another guitar and also
thought it would be nice to get a guitar synthesizer.
I played one of the first versions of a guitar synthesizer back in '85 and was pretty impressed,
but it was way too expensive for me at the time.
Last week I got the bug and took the plunge.
It's taken me several days to get up to some kind of speed on the synth and outputting it to software to record,
but have now gotten it going.

Here are a couple of pictures of the equipment and a link to a page of some audio tracks
and a video.




This is the guitar on my Hercules stand with the GK3 synthesizer controller attached.

Below is the synthesizer.

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