I was lightly chided for not offering more information about the game so I create a short synopsis:

OK, player commissioned to find Lucius about whom the story is basically about,
going from level to level finding more information about events that have brought about the present circumstances
and why Lucius hasn't been heard from. He is a favored adopted son of one of the leaders.
You will have to find clues for solving some puzzles such as combination locks, starting computer programs,
vehicles and other machinery. First you go to pick up your robot persona, finding the area pillaged by panicked employees
and others trying to protect themselves from whatever it is that has caused the "desolation", as it is referred to by the general population.
All they know is many have strangely disappeared and they don't know why, which is why you were sent to retrieve the robot for yourself in the first place,
there isn't enough information to know whether people are safe out in the open.
Once you have moved on from this level you go to a place where a power plant is a dominate feature of the landscape.
You explore Lucius' private dwellings and discover he has been hiding families, identified with some sort of governmental resistance, from the military,
also that he was sent by the council to restart the power station that was decommissioned at some point in the past.
The army was there to keep the power station from being tampered with by the resistance.
More on this level but not going into it here.
Once you've completed the level you move on to the Train Station where you see more of the contrast between the party line and the opposition,
discovering that Lucius is more involved than may have been evident sooner. You go through solving some (epic) puzzles and then end (the level)
at the Museum where Lucius was assigned as curator by the council, as his career.
Move through the level (too many things to talk about), and find your travels lead to the place where Lucius grew up and discover
that major changes happened there, including an involuntary move of the entire village to a platform under a massive "sanctuary" where there has been
a dominance over the people by corrupt priests, though a few genuine leaders are restoring true worship.
After completing this level you end at the final stage where you learn more of the council and solve a number of mysteries, though perhaps not all.

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