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12/22/10 4:57 am

New Audio For Intro Movie


1/18/11 3:25 am

Small video of a camera cut scene leading the player into next stage of puzzle solving.


2/1/11 4:02 am

For fun screen of smoke coming out of smoke stacks after turbine is activated.
For those unaware, the icons in the image represent various types of game components, such as audio players, cameras and lights.

2/17/11 5:27 am

New video showing set up for section of a sequence puzzle


4/20/11 3:58 pm

Haven't posted in quite a while but,
hey, don't want to give too much of the mystery away.
Here's the first part of a new model:
Jamming Station


9/15/11 8:56 am

Been even longer this time, thought I'd put up something new.
Train Station Overseer's Office


9/28/11 11:03 am

Sanctuary Center Flight


12/8/11 7:40 am

Some new stills from the Sound Design level

Some texture changes.

An area of added puzzle complexity and interactivity.

Another view. This area is the closest to completion in the level but is still somewhat sketchy.
Most of my time has been spent setting up and testing puzzles and interaction.

Incoming message.
End of transmission for now...


2/15/12 2:18 am



5/8/12 10:23 pm

Some new screens:

NightTime construction scene.


6/6/12 4:34 am

More on the same scene




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