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7/26/12 5:04 am

40 Second Movie of After Effects One Hour and Five Minute Audio Project


8/9/12 12:39 am

Just registered the
-| |- domain name
- *EDIT: put my domain on a live server in May 2013-


9/12/12 9:11 am

A few new screens
some just newer texturing


9/19/12 1:52 am

I downloaded the trial version of a story and game design tool called Articy:Draft.
After spending eight or more hours in the program I knew I wanted to continue
using it beyond the 30-day trial period and bought a single-user license last week.
Of course it is additional work putting things into the program but it's really nice to see
the whole game organized visually. Still a lot of entries to make before it's going to be
complete. Here's a little collage of some of the interface and entries I've made so far.


Cabin Car model 9/20/12 6:17 am

Distant Sanctuary 1/10/13 12:56 am

3/6/13 7:33 am

Scene Fly Around


3/21/13 2:47 am

Had a good TeamViewer session with Tommi (scripting guy) yesterday,
we worked on ironing out some bugs with some for the newer
versions of some scripts and their interactions.


Scene I've been working on the last few days.

Turnstile from the same scene 3/28/13 8:25 am


4/14/13 1:38 pm

Ingame rendered with animated volume fog



Ever since the Adobe Cloud upgraded Dreamweaver CS 6
to Dreamweaver CC, it's crashed on this page so haven't updated until now.

A lot has happened and not happened, but just got a great idea for
giving credits to outside sources using Acrobat files instead of HTLM.
Here are the credits (sounds and packs) for my Freesound downloads up to this point.
Not all sounds are used, but at least they are all mentioned here.

*Back in May of this year I did move the domain name to a live server.






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