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2/25/10 11pm

Thought I'd create a movie of the workflow i use to add the custom scripts I had made to my objects.

Custom Scripts Workflow Movie Page


3/4/10 11:58 am

New Intro Movie



Every game needs music and sound:

Smart Sound had some great specials
(Normally $99 each, $33 on sale. Sorry, sale ended yesterday)
so I bought 6 new albums.
Emotional Depth
Drama And Emotion
Fear And Uncertainty
Story Lines
Time Remembered
Total Suspense

I love this moody stuff!

Here's a 30 second clip of a track:
Untold Stories - Tick tock

Check out their Sonic Fire music solution, it is great for what it does.
Decide what length you need the track to be and the program creates the score at that length.


5/25/10 6:28 am

First entry in a long time.
Decided to render some scene video from the scene I am working on.
Starting to congeal, I think.

Scene Render


7/1/10 8:40 am

Tree I made in the new Unity 3 Tree Editor

Short video of some editing in Tree Editor


7/23/10 4:442 am

Small occlusion culling/ lightmapping test


7/28/10 1:26 pm

This Game Maker's Theme


8/1/10 11:07 am

Unity Tree Creation/Editing Video

8/4/10 7:38 am

Animated Unity Logo

8/26/10 5:48 pm

Of course I am working on a myriad of things any time I am working on the game
but every once in a while I like to post something I am doing to keep up the log here.
Today I worked on a slider puzzle among other things,
which I think is pretty cool, and needed some room items to fill out the environment.
Here is a render of a computer I am working on.
I spent most of the time working on the cool video for the screen so will have to finish the actual computer model.

11/2/10 10:30 pm

Been quite a while since I posted here so will try to include some of the things that have happened since the last entry.
I made an agreement with Ben Brennan mid-September to create some original music for the game.
Have run into some financial restrictions so that is on hold for now, but did get one track.
Will post some of it later, after the process running in Unity is done.
Can't really do much right now do to the limitations imposed by the occlusion culling
so guess I'll run down some of the features I've added in the game level I hope to use as a demo.
More animations in more books.
More animations in various areas of the scene.
Puzzles in scene, including more slider, sequence and transportation types.
Tommi (scripting guy) has added a hierarchy feature to my main puzzle managers script so I can break down all my puzzles
into various sub-categories to keep things more organized as things get more involved.
He also created a nice tweening system which has been very helpful in creating animations inside the Unity editor
so I do most of my animating in the editor now instead of importing them form Max.
Much more streamlined.

Here is a contraption I created for the game.
Here's a poster I made using some custom Photoshop brushes from Brusheezy.
It hangs on the Manager's wall in the factory area and includes some interactivity.

This is a painting from CG Textures that I used some Filter Forge filters on.


11/9/10 3:09 pm

Drafting Table


Above is a partial schematic of my game level.
The red squares are specific areas on the map and the black squares are things that need to be done by the player at those points.
Blurred so as not to give away too much information.


11/23/10 1:46 PM


A few new screenshots:

Blueprint Room

Brickyard Area






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