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What's Happening Here

12/10/09 1 am

Well, my first entry on what's happening with my game, Unfinished Business. I have been working on it for about four and a half months but have been planning it for over ten years. My first inspiration came with the event of MYST, though I really didn't do well with the game. I bought the walk-through to keep me from getting stuck over a weekend and followed it until the end. I played all of the MYST series games and did get better eventually, though I wasn't always glad about the direction the game story took; and it seems they lost their inspiration in the End Of Ages finale. Don't know how much I will write here but thought I'd give it a try. I was inspired to write this account by the movie Julie & Julia which I am in the middle of: a woman finds a sense of engagement in cooking through the entire Julia Child Cookbook in a year and blogs about her experience. Sounds goofy, I know, but it's actually pretty funny for the most part and I enjoyed the characters.

Guess I'll have to actually put in some information about the game sometime...


Back to work.



1/18/10 4:16 am

Have a few days off so trying to get into some building (usually work on it on the weekends, my weekends anyway) but had kind of a discouraging start. Thinking it will be pretty difficult to actually pull this off by myself, but hopefully that will pass, after all there is no time limit, I could just go on and on until eventually I do come to a sense of resolution, at least for this demo mode.



1/21/10 11:35 am

Received an updated set of scripts, including the Dial Puzzle type I requested.
Spent a lot of time yesterday familiarizing myself with (and asking questions about) them.
After building one test set up to get this new type working, here is the first of this type implemented in the game: Screen Movie


2/4/10 10:17 am


Thought I'd put in a few in game screens.

Level 1






Short video with sound.


2/18/10 3:47 am


Below is a screen image of an After Effects audio project for one of the levels.
About 40% of the layers are visible here.


Here is a screen of the Unity Editor with the cool scripts (in yellow) that Tommi Horttana has written for me.
He writes them, then I combine them with the objects in my game to make everything work.
The ones that are blocked out are just a few I edited (simple) for myself.

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